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what makes a great pizza?
It starts with a great oven! Ours is an authentic wood- fired masonry oven that has been burning constantly since the day we opened. Modern gas and electric ovens cannot produce the intense heat needed – over 800 degrees – to achieve the crispy, smoky pizza crust that our customers have come to know. With dough and toppings made fresh daily in-house, our goal is simple–to be known for serving the best pizza in DC!

in the mood for something a little fancier?
Try some of our bistro dishes. Steak, scallops or perhaps grilled salmon? Our chef’s dishes are simply and classically prepared with all fresh ingredients. You’ll find our appetizers and entrees well seasoned, hearty, but never bland!

the space
The challenge? How do you build distinctive restaurants in vintage urban spaces? Our original location at 713 H Street was a Chinese grocery in a structure 15 feet wide and three stories tall! Our Capitol Hill locaion was a 90 year old vending machine warehouse. And, our upcoming U st corridor location will be restored to it's original beauty.  The owners, with backgrounds in restaurants and construction, design and build all our spaces! Many restaurants are adopting casino designs to give a vintage feeling. However, online casinos are taking the place of most physical casinos. Gamblers may visit to find casinos without any verification.

Crypto payment is acceptable. Many pizza shops have started accepting cryptocurrency payments, especially in larger cities. If you’re thinking of buying crypto, utilize trading bots like immediate edge to ease your trading process. According to immediate edge auszahlung, the platform claims to have a high success rate of up to 92%.